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Hama iPadAir/2/Pro + iPad Privacy Filter
  • Referentie-nr. 00119400
  • Bechtle artikelnummer 892721
Toepassing: Tablet, Schermgrootte: 24,6 cm (9,7"), Beeldformaat: 4:3, Producttype: Anti-reflectie
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Hama iPad Screen Protector (00107858)

  • Referentie-nr. 00107858
  • Bechtle artikelnummer 4075801
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Toepassing: Tablet, Schermgrootte: 24,6 cm (9,7"), Beeldformaat: 4:3, Producttype: Displaybescherming  Gedetailleerde beschrijving

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Apple iPad Air/Air 2/Pro / iPad 24.6 cm (9.7") (2017)
High-tech screen protector to keep your display free from smears, smudges, dust and scratches
Easy-On: Applicators for easily applying the screen protector
Screen protector
Precision laser cut for a perfect fit and contour precision
Anti-static microfibre cloth for cleaning the sensitive display
Ultra-clear film
Easy to apply without air bubbles, can be removed without leaving any residue
Includes: Microfibre cloth, assembly instructions

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    Technische gegevens

    Schermgrootte:24,6 cm (9,7")
    Fabrieksgarantie: 2 jaar Carry-In (Details: zie website van fabrikant)

    Fabrikant Hama: